3+ Months in the Land of the Long White Cloud

New Zealand! That is where I am and have been for the past 3 months and however many days. I’m here on a working holiday that will last for a whole year. This isn’t my first rodeo because as most of you are aware, I resided in South Korea for two years. Despite having lived abroad before, NZ is quite different than anywhere in Asia and much more similar to my homeland, the United States. That’s not saying that I haven’t faced some challenges or experienced minor cultural surprises since being here, but overall, it’s been a very simple transition and I’m seeing what it’s like traveling around and living in another English-speaking country.

This time around, the adventure is a little different. I’ve dealt with more downs than ups, but life always ends up working itself out in the end. Therefore, things are going well. I’m living in a town called Paraparaumu, fifty minutes from NZ’s capital city, Wellington. I briefly called Welly home (which is a very long story that I will have to tell later on!) and I’m hoping to move back there after I finish up in Pram, as it’s called for short, thanks to the plentitude of young mums in the area and its super lengthy Maori name. I’m working as an Au Pair here for a family of five. The parents are really laid-back and have been beyond friendly towards me and their three munchkins are just as cool as they are. I’m sure I’ll be writing a ton about all of them and our zany adventures.

Overall, life is good and I’m itching to share all of my travel/life in NZ stories. I’m also hoping to use this blog as a platform for some of my creative writing/social commentary/travel memoirs/life stories. Therefore, stick around and hopefully something will strike your fancy!


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